Maternal and Fetal Medicine
Advancing Maternal and Fetal Health

Research dedicated to the promotion of positive pregnancy outcomes and fetal well-being.


Michigan Medicine maternal and fetal medicine researchers lead the way in efforts to identify preconception genetic and other health risks, the diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening pregnancy related issues, the early diagnosis of congenital conditions and the development of innovative therapies for unborn babies.

Maternal & Fetal Medicine Researchers
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Ahmed AbdelLatif Ahmed Abdel-latif
Professor of Internal Medicine
Program Director, Internal Medicine
Lindsay Admon headshot Lindsay K Admon, MD, MSc, FACOG
Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Cem Akin headshot Cem Akin MD, PhD
Professor of Internal Medicine
Fadhl Alakwaa Fadhl Alakwaa
Assistant Research Scientist
Internal Medicine
Ben Allen Benjamin Allen, PhD
James Douglas Engel Collegiate Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology
Associate Professor, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
Director, University of Michigan Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program (UM PREP)
Associate Director, Cellular and Molecular Biology Graduate Program
Associate Director, Center for Cell Plasticity and Organ Design
Faculty Advisor, Developing Future Biologists
Erica Andrist Erica Andrist, MD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Christina Angeles Christina V Angeles, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery and Assistant Professor of Dermatology
Meghan Arnold Meghan A Arnold, MD FAAP FACS
Associate Professor of Surgery
Program Associate, Pediatric Surgery
David Arnolds David Edward Arnolds, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Section Head, Anesthesiology
MPLAN Medical Director for Von Voigtlander Women's Hospital and Assistant Medical Director, Anesthesiology
marin Marin M Arnolds
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
profile-sawsan-as-sanie-2015 Sawsan As-Sanie, MD, MPH
Robert K Ferguson and Virginia A Ferguson Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Program Director and Section Head
Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Advanced Training Program
headshot of Richard Auchus Richard Auchus
The James A Shayman and Andrea S Kevrick Professor of Translational Medicine
Professor of Internal Medicine
Professor of Pharmacology
Latest Publications
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Maternal SARS-COV-2 infection and prematurity: the Southern Michigan COVID-19 collaborative
Bahado-Singh, R, Tarca, AL, Hasbini, YG, Sokol, RJ, Keerthy, M, Goyert, G, Jones, T, Thiel, L, Green, P, Youssef, Y, Townsel, C, Vengalil, S, Paladino, P, Wright, A, Ayyash, M, Vadlamud, G, Szymanska, M, Sajja, S, Turkoglu, O, Sterenberg, G, Mangus, AR, Baracy, M, Gibbons, M, Grace, K, Houston, K, Norman, J, Gudicha, DW, Hassan, SS, Southern Michigan Regional COVID-19 Collaborative, Array, J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med, 2023 Dec; DOI:10.1080/14767058.2023.2199343
PMID: 37217448
Developmental programming: Impact of preconceptional and gestational exposure to a real-life environmental chemical mixture on maternal steroid, cytokine and oxidative stress milieus in sheep
Thangaraj, SV, Zeng, L, Pennathur, S, Lea, R, Sinclair, KD, Bellingham, M, Evans, NP, Auchus, R, Padmanabhan, V, Sci Total Environ, 2023 Nov; DOI:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.165674
PMID: 37495149
Reproductive capacity after gender-affirming testosterone therapy.
Kinnear, HM, Moravek, MB, Hum Reprod, 2023 Oct; DOI:10.1093/humrep/dead158
PMID: 37573140
Knowledge is power: regarding SMFM Consult Series #64: Systemic lupus erythematosus in pregnancy
Cuneo, BF, Buyon, JP, Sammaritano, L, Jaeggi, E, Arya, B, Behrendt, N, Carvalho, J, Cohen, J, Cumbermack, K, DeVore, G, Doan, T, Donofrio, MT, Freud, L, Galan, HL, Gropler, MRF, Haxel, C, Hornberger, LK, Howley, LW, Izmirly, P, Killen, SS, Kaplinski, M, Krishnan, A, Lavasseur, S, Lindblade, C, Matta, J, Makhoul, M, Miller, J, Morris, S, Paul, E, Perrone, E, Phoon, C, Pinto, N, Rychik, J, Satou, G, Saxena, A, Sklansky, M, Stranic, J, Strasburger, JF, Srivastava, S, Srinivasan, S, Tacy, T, Tworetzky, W, Uzun, O, Yagel, S, Zaretsky, MV, Moon-Grady, AJ, Am J Obstet Gynecol, 2023 Oct; DOI:10.1016/j.ajog.2023.06.040
PMID: 37394327
Fetal-placental MR angiography at 1.5 T and 3 T
Qu, F, Sun, T, Marin-Concha, J, Jaiman, S, Jiang, L, Mody, S, Hernandez-Andrade, E, Subramanian, K, Qian, Z, Romero, R, Haacke, EM, Magn Reson Imaging, 2023 Oct; DOI:10.1016/j.mri.2023.05.003
PMID: 37207824
Diabetes risk and provision of diabetes prevention activities in 44 low-income and middle-income countries: a cross-sectional analysis of nationally representative, individual-level survey data
Rahim, NE, Flood, D, Marcus, ME, Theilmann, M, Aung, TN, Agoudavi, K, Aryal, KK, Bahendeka, S, Bicaba, B, Bovet, P, Diallo, AO, Farzadfar, F, Guwatudde, D, Houehanou, C, Houinato, D, Hwalla, N, Jorgensen, J, Kagaruki, GB, Mayige, M, Wong-McClure, R, Larijani, B, Saeedi Moghaddam, S, Mwalim, O, Mwangi, KJ, Sarkar, S, Sibai, AM, Sturua, L, Wesseh, C, Geldsetzer, P, Atun, R, Vollmer, S, Bärnighausen, T, Davies, J, Ali, MK, Seiglie, JA, Manne-Goehler, J, Lancet Glob Health, 2023 Oct; DOI:10.1016/S2214-109X(23)00348-0
PMID: 37734801
Leveraging Population Health Datasets to Advance Maternal Health Research
Beck, D, Hall, S, Costa, DK, Admon, L, Matern Child Health J, 2023 Oct; DOI:10.1007/s10995-023-03695-4
PMID: 37294462
The Epidemiology of Maternal Critical Illness between 2008 and 2021
Ashana, DC, Chen, C, Hauschildt, K, Moroz, L, Vail, EA, Viglianti, EM, Vranas, KC, Gershengorn, HB, Ann Am Thorac Soc, 2023 Oct; DOI:10.1513/AnnalsATS.202301-071RL
PMID: 37315330
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Long in decline, maternal mortality rate trends have stalled in recent years
After decades of falling global maternal mortality rates, has the momentum evaporated? A new WHO report suggests just that, and Michigan Medicine researchers are urging their peers not to take their collective eye off the ball.
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Income affects maternal and infant health in somewhat unexpected ways
While higher income improves maternal and infant health over time, it’s not enough to offset the impact of race, according to new research. In addition, although higher-income mothers and their babies ultimately end up with better health outcomes, they actually start out with more difficulties. And regardless of wealth, maternal and infant health in the United States lags behind Sweden.
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Few pregnant people who died of overdose, suicide in Michigan received proper treatment before death
A review of maternal deaths suggests most individuals had documented behavioral health conditions but only one-third received appropriate pharmacologic treatment before death