Therapeutic clinical trials are an essential form of clinical research designed to test whether a drug or device is 1) safe to use, and/or 2) whether it leads to a change in disease trajectory or symptom management, in our case ALS. 

In most therapeutic clinical trials, participants are randomized to an intervention (such as a drug) or a placebo (an inactive substance) in a double-blinded manner, meaning that neither the participant nor the clinical trial team knows the treatment assignment (meaning whether the participant is taking drug or placebo). 

Once all participants complete the study, or if the trial is stopped for other reasons, the researchers will analyze the data to determine if the intervention was beneficial and/or safe. 

Even if a clinical trial does not directly benefit a study participant, it does benefit others living with the disease, either now or in the future. 

Ongoing Trials: 

Healey Center Platform Trial for ALS 
The HEALEY ALS Platform Trial is a perpetual multi-center, multi-regimen clinical trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of investigational products for the treatment of ALS. In this trial, multiple drugs for ALS will be tested simultaneously or sequentially. Each drug will be tested in a regimen, which also consists of a placebo-controlled trial, meaning that the active drug and matching placebo will be tested in each regimen. 

We are not currently enrolling study participants.  If you are interested in being involved in future studies, please get in touch with Jayna Duell at 734-936-8776 or [email protected].