CBSSM Research Ethics

The CBSSM Research Ethics Service, led by CBSSM interim Co-Director Prof. Kayte Spector-Bagdady, JD, MBe, CEC-C improves the conduct of health research to fully respect participants, benefit diverse communities, and improve access to evidence-based care.

The Research Ethics Service leads the research ethics committee, offers research ethics consultation, designs evidence-based health research policy for the #1 public university in research volume in the country, and publishes high-impact research on research ethics in the top journals in the world.

The Research Ethics Service is a resource for Michigan Medicine faculty and staff in need of real-time guidance for complex and nuanced concerns that might arise as studies are planned and developed, while the study is active, and in some cases, following study completion. This service is intended to complement the structured oversight conducted by the Institutional Review Board. Real-time concerns about human study participants are addressed via collaborative consultation with the Clinical Ethics Service. The Research Ethics Service also oversees the Research Ethics Committee which provides oversight and quality assurance for policy recommendations and research ethics consultations.

The Research Ethics Service accepts consultations from any faculty or staff member, as well as individual participants or family members as requested.