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Want to cut U.S. heart risks? Get more people into primary care, study suggests
Most people with risk factors for cardiovascular disease – what are sometimes called the Essential Eight – are managed by primary care clinics, or haven’t seen any provider recently
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Around 10% of deaths from coronary stenting, balloon angioplasty are preventable
Around 10% of all deaths following percutaneous coronary intervention are potentially preventable, a study led by Michigan Medicine finds.
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Research News
Rachel Gioscia-Ryan, MD, PhD, will present "Targeting Mitochondrial Oxidative stress in Age-Related Arterial Dysfunction" March 19
The next M-BoCA Virtual Seminar, noon to 1 pm Tuesday, March 19th featues speaker Rachel Gioscia-Ryan, MD, PhD.
Ali Sheikh, D.O., celebrates with Sparrow’s highly skilled cardiovascular team after becoming the first health system in Michigan to implant the innovative Aurora EV-ICD device defibrillator.
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Lifesaving option for heart patients at risk for sudden cardiac arrest, abnormal heart rhythms
New, innovative and personalized life-saving care option of implantable defibrillator now available to heart patients in Michigan
Jason Roh
Research News
Jason Roh, MD, MHS, to present on "Geroscience in Cardiology
Jason Roh, MD, MHS, will present on "Geroscience in cardiology: a window into the hearts of the old and the young" on Tuesday, February 27, 2024 from 12pm-1pm via Zoom. The lecture will be livestreamed at https://umich.zoom.us/j/97142890622(link is external).
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Should heart patients consider taking weight loss medications?
Cardiologist shares how weight loss medications may impact cardiovascular health.
Richard A Miller, MD, PhD
Research News
Richard Miller, MD, PhD, to present on Aging Rate Indicators: Speedometers for Aging Research
Richard Miller, MD, PhD, will present on “Aging Rate Indicators: Speedometers for Aging Research” on Tuesday, January 23, 2024 from 12pm-1pm via Zoom.
Research News
Justus Anumonwo, PhD to present on “Sex and Age Dependent Differences in Heart Rate Variability in the Discs Large Gene 1 Knockdown Model”
Justus Anumonwo, PhD, will present on "Sex and Age dependent Differences in Heart Rate Variability in the Discs large gene 1 Knockdown Model" on Tuesday, December 12th, 2023 from 12pm-1pm via Zoom.