Bioinformatics Data Analysis
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Offering a variety of analyses.

Our Process

We offer an initial, free pre-analysis consultation to discuss the types of analysis and support bioinformatics can provide, in addition to assisting with experimental design to best answer the biological question(s) of interest.


We provide analysis of high-throughput sequencing data, including RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and Exome-Seq, as well as other high throughput data. We generate detailed project plans to outline analysis, implement reproducible workflows, generate visualizations of complex data, and assist data uploads to public repositories.

Follow Up Meeting

Following the delivery of results, we meet with researchers (faculty, staff, post-docs and graduate students) to answer follow-up questions.

Bulk RNA-Seq Analyses
Type of Experiment Type of Analysis
  • Bulk RNA-Seq (polyA or total RNA)
  • Small RNA-Seq (e.g. microRNA)
  • Differential expression analysis
  • Summary figures
  • Functional enrichments – KEGG, GO terms, etc.


Example RNA-Seq Report


DNA-Seq Analyses
Type of Experiment Type of Analysis
  • Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Exome-Seq
  • Germline and somatic variant calling and annotation
  • Copy Number Variation analysis
  • Structural Variation analysis
Chip-Seq Analyses
Type of Experiment Type of Analysis
  • Transcription factor binding
  • Histone modifications
  • Peak calling
  • Motif enrichment
Single-Cell Analyses
Type of Experiment Type of Analysis
  • Single-cell RNA-Seq
  • Single-cell ATAC-Seq
  • Cell type clustering
  • Pseudotime analysis
  • Differential expression
  • Reporter gene expression
  • Functional enrichment
Custom Analyses
  • Figure generation
  • Custom data integration
  • Analysis of publicly available data
  • Variant identification from RNA-seq data
  • Differential expression for microbial RNA-seq
  • Isoform differential expression / Differential exon usage
  • Allele specific expression analysis
  • Exogenous/circulating RNA-seq analysis
  • Microarray data analysis
  • Analysis of targeted variant panel
  • Genome assembly
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About Us
The Bioinformatics Core is one of the Biomedical Research Core Facilities, and a part of the Medical School Office of Research, where our mission is to foster an environment of innovation and efficiency that serves the Michigan Medicine research community and supports biomedical science from insight to impact.