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Stocking all GE Dharmacon pGIPZ V2L clones and a selection of lentiviral miRNA/shRNA clones in the pGIPZ V3L, pTRIPZ, and pLKO backbones.

shRNA Services
Service Yield/Amount Internal Price External Price
shRNA Library Clone (in stock) The Vector Core currently stocks all pGipZ V2L and a few other lentiviral miRNA/shRNA clones, including some pGipZ V3L, pTRIPZ and TRC pLKO.1 clones. The customer will receive a 60 mm streaked plate of each clone. $35.00 N/A
TRC pLKO.1 nonstock shRNA (Millipore Sigma) Non-stock TRC pLKO.1 (Millipore Sigma) clones can be ordered through the Vector Core. Researchers will receive ~100 uL glycerol stock of the shRNA clone ordered. The clone will also be put into the Vector Core pLKO.1 repository. $55.00 N/A
Lentiviral shRNA tester samples
(5 × 3 ml of supernatant)
Tester samples are a “quick and dirty” product tailored toward screening several shRNA products. Each 3 ml tester prep requires 2.5 μg of purified proviral plasmid DNA*. The cost is for a set of five. However, if you do not have 5 constructs, multiple 3 ml preps of the same construct can be performed (2 of one construct and 3 of another, etc.). $309.00 $463.50
Concentrated Lentiviral/Retroviral Production
(small scale, VSVG)
100 mls of supernatant concentrated to 10 mls of 10X (or as requested) in DMEM (or as requested); 80 μg of proviral plasmid required.* $678.00 $1,017.00
Plasmid Midi Prep (100 μg) Custom purified DNA prep. $91.00 $136.00

*Please submit the exact amount of DNA requested in separate microfuge tubes for each shRNA clone.

shRNA Clones

In-Stock Clones:

We have the full V2L version of the human and mouse pGIPZ shRNA libraries (clone ID starting with V2L, see below to identify these clones). In addition, we have a selected list of lentiviral shRNA clones from the pGIPZ (V3L), pTRIPZ and TRC pLKO libraries. This product comes as a bacterial streaked plate.


  1. Go to Horizon Discovery.
  2. Search for your gene of interest and click shRNA
  3. Select the pGIPZ or pTRIPZ library, click on “individual” and then click on “glycerol” to see a list of clones available in the library.
  4. Use the clone ID# to search the Vector Core list for available in-stock clones.


  1. Go to Millipore Sigma.
  2. Search for your gene of interest, scroll until you find the gene information box which includes links for products and click on “shRNA”.
  3. Click pricing for “Bacterial Glycerol Stock” for either the human or mouse for the list of available clones in the Sigma library. Use the TRCN# to search the Vector Core list for available in-stock clones.

If we do not have the pLKO.1 clone in stock we can order it for you as a nonstock shRNA for $56.00 (includes free shipping).

shRNA Clones in Stock:
(search by clone ID or TRCN#)

Human pGIPZ clones

Human pLKO.1 clones      

Human pTRIPZ clones    

Mouse pGIPZ clones

Mouse pLKO.1 clones

shRNA Library Controls

Control plasmids available:

Plasmid Gene Target Company Catalog Number
pGIPZ Empty N/A Horizon Discovery RHS4349
pGIPZ Scrambled Non-Target Scrambled Sequence Horizon Discovery RHS4346
pGIPZ GAPDH Positive Control GAPDH Horizon Discovery RHS4371
pGIPZ EG5 positive control EG5 Horizon Discovery RHS4480
pTRIPZ Empty N/A Horizon Discovery RHS4750
pTRIPZ non-silencing control Scrambled sequence Horizon Discovery RHS4743
pLKO.1 Empty N/A Millipore Sigma SHC001
pLKO.1 Scrambled Non-Target All Species Scrambled Sequence Millipore Sigma SHC016
pLKO.1 Scrambled Non-Mammalian Target (May inhibit GFP Expression) Scrambled Sequence Millipore Sigma SHC002
pLKO.1 CMV turboGFP Expresses GFP Millipore Sigma SHC003
pLKO.1 Luciferase shRNA targeting luciferase from Photinus pyralis (GenBank Accession No. M15077) Millipore Sigma SHC007
pLKO.5 Scrambled Non-Target All Species Scrambled Sequence Millipore Sigma SHC216
pLKO.5 Scrambled Non-Mammalian Target (May inhibit GFP expression) Scrambled Sequence Millipore Sigma SHC202

Antibiotic Resistance and Selection: pGipZ and pTripZ: Ampicillin (carbenicillin, 100 μg/ml) and Zeocin (25 μg/ml) for bacterial selection. Puromycin for mammalian selection. pLKO.1: Ampicillin (carbenicillin, 100 μg/ml) for bacterial selection. Puromycin for mammalian selection.

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