Peptide Synthesis Services
person working on a laptop with peptide synthesis on screen

Our custom peptide synthesis services range from routine peptides to specialized peptides such as long, hydrophobic, cyclic, or stapled peptides.

Peptide Synthesis

  • Non-purified (crude) peptides: 7-10 business days
  • Purified routine peptides: 2-4 weeks
  • Purified non-routine peptides: 4-6 weeks

Turn around times for some labeled peptides, cyclic peptides and peptides carrying post-translational modifications may be longer depending on the nature of the peptide sequence or project.

Structure-Function Studies

  • Custom linear peptides
  • Phosphopeptides
  • Peptides with posttranslational modifications
  • Cyclic peptides

Antibody Production

  • Custom peptide antigens
  • Peptide conjugation to carrier protein for immunization

Peptide Labeling

  • Cold, labeled custom peptides (e.g. fluorophore, biotin)
  • Cold, heavy isotope labeled peptides
  • FRET peptides
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