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We're Here to Support Your Research Needs

MCRU provides clinical staff, resources, and infrastructure necessary to conduct adult and pediatric human clinical research at the University of Michigan.

The Clinical Trials Support Office’s (CTSO) Michigan Clinical Research Unit (MCRU) offers a wide array of services to support your clinical research needs:

Services include:

  • RN Nursing
  • Clinical Support
  • Laboratory Processing and Shipping
  • MCRU Space (Domino's Farms)
  • Mobile Clinical Research Team (MCRU2U)

The main performance site is located at Michigan Medicine within the Cardiovascular Center (CVC). The Domino's Farms extension is located in northeast Ann Arbor, approximately four miles from the hospital. 

Clinical Trials Support Unit Intake Form
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Time & Events Table
How To Initiate Services With MCRU

To begin working with MCRU, Study Teams must download and complete the Time & Events (T&E) Table. Information required to complete this form includes visit time points, number of visits, services needed, hours needed per visit, number of subjects, and study documents. Study Teams must also indicate MCRU Services on their IRB application. View a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the T&E Table. 

Email [email protected] with draft T&E, protocol, lab manual, and pharmacy manual. Responses from MCRU with a draft T&E will occur within five business days. MCRU staff also attend CTSU Study Planning Meetings. 

Upon study IRB approval, email [email protected] to schedule an MCRU initiation meeting. 

Addition of Services: To add services to a previously IRB-approved protocol, please email [email protected] to notify our team of your request. Any changes will require an update to the previously approved Time & Events table. Be sure to highlight the addition of services (e.g., RN Nursing Services, Clinical Support, Laboratory Processing), and place a comment in Column K next to the service addition for clarification. Please send the updated T&E, protocol, lab manual, and pharmacy manual to [email protected]

Visit the MCRU SharePoint site for additional information. 

Scheduling Guidelines

Contact MCRU Central Scheduling by emailing [email protected] for all locations and services. Please be advised that schedule requests outside of these guidelines will be directed to the Scheduling Coordinators, as they are best suited to assist you.

  • All scheduling requests must be entered into MiChart In Basket
  • Please only check service boxes if they are to be performed by MCRU clinical staff.
  • The "Comment" section is an excellent way to relay additional information such as specific room requests or special instructions.
  • The cutoff for lab processing appointments is 5:00 pm.
  • For process instructions, please view the MCRU In Basket Workflow for Scheduling Requests MiChart tip sheet.  
  • Use the high-priority flag for same-day and next-day requests entered past the 12:00 pm cutoff time. 

Outpatient Appointments

Have a 12:00 pm cut-off the business day before the appointment request. All requests need to go into MiChart InBasket.

Electronic Billing Sheet

The electronic billing sheet is for when MCRU Staff and Study Team members are unable to check-in/check-out participants in accordance with the standard MiChart process. The form is to be submitted by MCRU Staff or Study Team members who are providing participant care.

In collaboration with Study Teams, MCRU has developed a Tip Sheet to highlight best practices for study amendments that affect MCRU services. The one-page table highlights key actions and clarities to facilitate efficiency and transparent communication. 

MCRU Visitor Policy

For non-patient visits to MCRU (e.g., study team tours, sponsor visits, etc.), study teams must email [email protected] with the HUM, Date and Time of visit request, and names of expected visitors. Requests will be considered based on availability of MCRU staff to conduct tours. Tours are also impacted by the time of day and clinic schedule, with afternoons more likely to be accommodated. 

Note: Coordinator drop-in space is to be used by coordinators currently conducting a visit in MCRU. We respectfully ask that you only have one coordinator per patient using the drop-in space at any one time.  

Hours of Operation

Standard operating hours for MCRU locations and services are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. MCRU is closed on Michigan Medicine observed holidays, as well as season days between Christmas and New Year's Day. Access to MCRU outside of business hours is determined on an individual study basis. Lab training and access may be provided to study teams using the MCRU lab outside of regular hours. Please contact MCRU at [email protected] to discuss your needs. 

Lab Cutoff Times

Same-day Shipping: 2:30 pm
PBMC or Lengthy Processing Procedures: 3:30 pm
Standard Sample Delivery: 4:30 pm*

*Items delivered after the cutoff will be processed the next day. 

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The Michigan Clinical Research Unit is provided through the Clinical Trials Support Office (CTSO). The CTSO is a unit of the Medical School Office of Research, where our mission is to foster an environment of innovation and efficiency that serves the Michigan Medicine research community and supports biomedical science from insight to impact.