Oncology Drug Discovery & Development (3D) Workshop
FFMI oncology course

Fast Forward Medical Innovation

Day-long, experiential educational program

Fast Forward Medical Innovation and Pfizer offer an educational, 1--day program to provide participants with an interactive, team-based learning experience of the drug discovery and development process.

Please note that this program is not CME accredited.

In this interactive workshop, teams will “role-play” a multidisciplinary drug development team to bring a new chemical entity from idea to FDA review. Each participant will be assigned a specific role (discovery scientist, drug safety specialist, etc.), serving as the expert in a given domain.

The Oncology 3D Workshop uses a computer program to generate simulated results from the scientific experiments and clinical studies that each team will conduct. Members of the Pfizer Oncology Field Medical Team will facilitate the simulation and provide guidance to the teams throughout the workshop. The ultimate goal for each team is to obtain approval for the best new oncology drug by the end of the workshop. Teams will be evaluated on the value of their approved drug based on the quality of the label, along with the pipeline they create.

FFMI offers educational programs at all levels designed to support research and help participants navigate the road to successful biomedical commercialization, with the ultimate goal of positively impacting patient health.

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Who's Invited to Apply?

Faculty, trainees (including postdocs), graduate students, and staff at the University of Michigan are encouraged to apply for this workshop. We will prioritize early career applicants with limited drug discovery knowledge, who stand to gain career advancement opportunities from this workshop.Audience: Faculty, postdocs/trainees, graduate students, staff

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More information about the next available workshop will be posted here, when available.

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