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A Message from Dr. Lumeng

A Message from Julie Lumeng, M.D., Associate Dean for Research, Medical School; Associate Vice President for Research-Clinical and Human Subjects Research, University of Michigan

December 19, 2023

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that Alan Sugar, MD, is stepping down from his role as the Co-Chair of IRBMED Boards A1 and B2. Dr. Sugar has been an esteemed IRBMED Board member for close to 23 years and has served as the Co-Chair of A1 and B2 for almost 13 years. His leadership and regulatory expertise have been invaluable in guiding the IRBMED Boards and Office in our mission to protect human subjects involved in research studies. Since he joined the Boards, many improvements have been made in the way medical research studies involving human participants are processed and evaluated at the University of Michigan, and he has been an invaluable resource in creating and implementing those changes. Dr. Sugar will be transitioning to regular IRBMED membership in continued service of Michigan Medicine and the Medical School. 

In addition, I am excited to announce that Amy Filbrun, MD, has graciously accepted an interim Co-Chair appointment as a successor to Dr. Sugar. Dr. Filbrun has been an IRBMED Board member for 14 years and has served as the Vice-Chair of A1 for almost 8 years. A posting for a permanent Co-Chair appointment will be released soon. 

Please join me in extending the best wishes to Dr. Sugar and Dr. Filbrun!

At this time, I am soliciting your nominations for an IRBMED Co-Chair for the A1 and B2 Boards. CLICK HERE for outlines in Dropbox of the full areas of review for each Board.

An IRBMED Co-Chair should be a respected member of the University of Michigan faculty with training, background and an occupation that would incline the individual to be considered a scientist member of IRBMED. They should have IRB review and board operations expertise and scholarly interest in human participant protections and related ethical issues, and be well-informed in regulations relevant to human participants in research. Prior experience serving on an IRB is required. In addition, candidates should also have appropriate domain expertise aligned to reflect the studies reviewed by the A1 and B2 Boards.

Co-Chairs are appointed for three-year terms, renewable upon satisfactory conduct in the role and mutual agreement. The Medical School will provide 40% salary support and an administrative differential for this appointment.

Please submit nominations by January 19, 2024 to Joshua Fedewa (IRBMED Director) by email ([email protected]). For self-nominations, please send your CV and a letter of interest. For nominations of others, please submit a letter of support outlining the qualifications of the individual. Letters of interest and CVs for those who are nominated by their peers will be solicited by Joshua. 

Best regards,
Julie Lumeng, M.D.
Professor of Pediatrics
Associate Dean for Research, Medical School
Associate Vice President for Research-Clinical and Human Subjects Research, University of Michigan

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